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When you book a hotel in Groningen, of course you want to get out and about. We’ve already put together some great packages for you.

Address details

Radesingel 50
9711 EK Groningen
Postbus 11073
9700 CB Groningen

flonk hotel groningen zuid

  • Located next to Hoornsemeer
  • Rent a whisper boat and depart from the hotel
Call Flonk Hotel Groningen Zuid

flonk hotel groningen centre

  • Central to the city
  • View of the city
Call Flonk Hotel Groningen Centre

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there parking at the hotel?

We have our own parking garage under the hotel. If you come by car or motorcycle, we recommend booking a place in advance.

Why are you called Flonk now?

We are Flonk Hotels. Flonk is the Groningen word for lively. Exactly the value that suits us. It is the drive we use to make your stay or collaboration a success. From valet parking to renting a boat, your favorite food on the table to a meeting room decorated on your theme. Our own hotel concept that gives us the freedom to determine how we work. Being able to go that extra mile and surprise you. Suitable for you because we know you and know what makes you happy. A stay with a golden edge. That’s what we’re going for. That’s what gives us energy. With Groningen sobriety we bring Flonk into your life.

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